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Hey-ho! Bobbi here!


David and I have been freelance writers for many years, and in those years we've written some pretty interesting stuff:

• 15 online games and 2 MMOs

• 50+ books (novels, picture books, activity/puzzle books)

• interactive ebooks for kids

• 150+ comic books and graphic novels

• magazine articles, interviews, copywriting, business ebooks, ghostwriting, and novel editing.

Then there are the magic products, the stuff you see in stores that seem to always just be there, as if nobody really created them, they’re just part of the big jumble of goodies that are always in stores. I'm talking things like trading cards, coloring books, coffee mugs with funny slogans* – heck, even clothing tags with blurbs on them.** People buy these products all the time without ever wondering how they ever got there.

Well, we’re the got there part.

David and I like to say that we’ve sold just about every form of writing there is, from Star Trek novels to LensCrafter ads, from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Online MMO to self-published novels. Even a rap song!


If you want to see all of the stuff we’ve written in all its gruesome detail, click on RESUME in the menu. Bring a sandwich.


* for the “Friends” TV show

•• for the tags of Disney’s “Mighty Ducks” clothing line

Little Miss Mewp

Creature of routine. Very picky, a total brat, playful. She eats more grass than a lawnmower.

Sabbatina Bumpalova LittlePinkButt HappyCat Bonkhead Lardas# Mousie-Howler TummyTickle ButterToes Biche

Her name just keeps on growing!


He's a turtle. And he's a boy. I think...



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