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Feast your eyes on this visual resume of everything we've written! Well, almost everything. For the sake of space and sanity, we haven't included all 150+ comics or all 300+ Star Trek Universe cards. Likewise, we have no images for the smaller Disney website games (8) and web cartoons (about 15) we wrote that are no longer live. And most of our business writing doesn't have covers. And there's other stuff, too, now that I think about it. But there's enough here to give you an idea!


The images are broken down into categories: BOOKS & eBOOKS, ANIMATION, GAMES, COMICS, and COLLECTOR CARD SETS.

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Sabrina 3: Good Switch Bad Switch

I think it was this Sabrina novel that David and I wrote in ONE WEEK. Sometimes in the tie-in world, you have short deadlines. David and I plotted it together in, like, a day or two, then alternated writing chapters. Then I went through and smoothed it all to make sure the writing sounded the same. Wuff.