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An Addams Family animation spec script

Bobbi JG Weiss 6/11/14


        I’ve noticed that The Addams Family movie is streaming on Netflix. I love that silly movie. And, of course, the original comics — single panel jokes that creator Charles Addams drew — are wonderfully weird (look them up if you've never seen them, they're so odd). In the past few decades, The Addams Family has been turned into a hit TV show, then a couple of movies and a cartoon series.

        David and I wrote a spec script for the cartoon series which we then used for drumming up work. We would send it out as part of our sample package to editors and producers.

        So what the heck — here’s a link to the whole script! Enjoy! (I like to read it and think of Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia in the leads. They were so perfect in the movies!

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